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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hola everyone! I just posted pics from the beach that I took during our recent heat wave (It hit 40 2 days in a row!) The grey kitty is our new family member. Kev found her at one of the homes where he works. We just need an orange one to complete our collection! More later. Promise!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006
Fill in the blank time!! Have fun and have a fabulous week!! =)1. In order to protect my computer from viruses, I use _______.2. I also use _______ for protection from spyware.3. I don't spend nearly enough time _______.4. The first person I usually talk to in the morning is _______.5. It takes me about _______ to get ready in the morning.6. I keep all my appointments in/on _______.7. It takes me about _______ to fall asleep at night.
1. Norton anti-virus
2. Norton anti-virus
3. Exercising
4. my kitties. They are the only ones up in the morning!
5. My full "morning routine" actually takes from 5:15 "get-up" to 6:45 "out-the-door", but that includes packing my lunch, having coffee and about 20 minutes of computer time, as well as the usual stuff.
6. in a tiny calendar book I get from our local music distributor. It starts in August and ends in July. That's when MY year starts and ends! I also carry it with me all the time and I don't have to figure out how to work it!
7. 30 seconds to fall asleep at night. I rarely have trouble sleeping these days. I think it's due to the fact that bedtime (midnightish) and get-up time are so close together!

Have a SUPER holiday, everyone! This is my sweety's fave. It's all about FOOD AND FAMILY!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Better late than never, right?!! OK, I'm using my whole name, but to maintain my anonymity, I'm putting the letters in alphabetical order!
Addictive personality, so I stick to harmless vices like computer games and chocolate!
Brass player (No T for trumpet)
Dog lover
Enjoy my job even after 28 years!
Enthusiastic about cross stitching
Happy with my life
Lover of kitties
New photography buff
Never tired of being less than 10 minutes from the big lake
Old fashioned about my values
Really proud of my children
Reader- of mysteries and quirky authors
Striving to be a better me
Under tall (as opposed to over weight)

Have a great evening!

Monday, October 30, 2006

I've been absent a couple of weeks, but I'm back! Here's my MM:

Sunday, October 29, 2006
This week's questions are, once again, from fellow participants! Thanks to all of you for your questions, AND for playing! Have an awesome week! =)1. From bev:Small town or big city?2. From turtlemoonwave:Do you have a favorite childhood memory, and if so, would you share it?3. From cat:How do you calm down when something has really upset and/or angered you? Do you swallow it? Call a friend and rant? Go in the bathroom and cry? Punch a wall? Walk around muttering to yourself, complete with scary hand gestures?4. From dna princess:What attratcs you to memes?'5. From mads:How reliant are you on computers to get through your day?6. From tizzie:In a crisis, are you calm or do you panic?

1. My current town is not exactly small, but it has a small town feel, which I like. I like being close enough to a big city that I can visit if I want, but I would NOT like to live in one! I like my privacy.
2.We always had a little tree decorating party at Christmas time. It was just us 6 girls and Mom and Dad. We had special treats and we made the tree decorating special.
3. I used to do something physical like throw something or hit something. Now I try reason things out either to myself, or with someone else. Sometimes I rant for a while first, though!
4. Is this a meme? If it is, it's about my only one. My family tells me about them.
5. We take attendance, grade, communicate with colleagues, receive important info from bosses, create assignments, to name a few things we need our computers for (bad sentence). It's a big pain without computers!
6. I am calm in a crisis. Even when I was 11 and packed my sister's arm with frozen hot dogs when she accidently cut herself. Since I'm a teacher it's good to be able to keep a cool head.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006
More great questions from our fellow Monday Madness members! Have fun, and thank you all for playing, and for the questions!! Have a great week! =)1. From amaranth:Name three people you would pick (and why) if you could choose who to be stranded on a deserted island with.2. From julie:What is your favorite genre of film and what is your favorite movie from that genre?3. From tiffany:Which country would you like to visit and why?4. From wil:What are you driving these days? What's it's (their) good and bad points? Would you buy another one, and why or why not?5. From cindy swanson:"Lost," "24," or both?6. From lady starlight:You've been very good this year. What should Santa bring you for Christmas? (the sky is the limit)
1. I would pick my kevy as my first pick because he is just about the handiest person in the world. I'm not sure I would wish a deserted island on my kids, but they would be good company.
2. I like comedies a lot because when I see a movie I see it mainly for entertainment. One of my favorite funny films is "Young Frankenstein" I also like musicals, Streisand films, Star Trek and Romantic comedies if I am watching w/my daughter. I like to laugh at movies with her!
3. I would visit Canada because I wouldn't have to fly to get there! It's also a beautiful place with nice people.
4. I currently drive a 2001 Mercury Sable. I like it but I plan to get a hybrid next/soon(?) because I believe the US MUST reduce and eventually eliminate its dependency on fossil fuels.
5. I have never seen either program. Sorry! I have heard good things about 24, however.
6. Santa should bring me enough dough to pay off my son's student loans and pay for his graduate school. Did I mention that my daughter doesn't have student loans because she has a 4 year full ride! Yes I tell everyone. I'm a proud Mommy.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday, October 01, 2006
More questions from our fellow participants! Have fun, and if you don't see YOUR question posted, please be patient; it'll show up soon! Thanks to all of you for playing! =)1. From amanda f: What do you do when somebody complements you?a. Smile and say Thanksb. Ignore it and change the subjectc. Complement them backd. Turn red in embarrasment at the attention and look around to see other people's reactione. Take it as your due!2. From shelly: What color are your eyes?3. From kia: What do you like most about yourself?4. From julie: How do you spend Christmas?5. From wide imagination: When do you normally blog? Day or night?6. From rach: What song can you relate to your personal life? Share a line or two of that song.7. From sherle: What is your favorite color for a sleeping environment?
1. I usually smile and say thanks.
2. Brown. Hubby's are hazel and son's are blue. Go figure!
3. It's that I'm trying to be a better person. I think we can all keep working to do more for others, be more understanding, be more patient, be more. . .
4. After church we spend the bulk of the day at home. In the evening we go to K's Mom's. On the weekend we do the S family shindig.
5. During the school year I blog in the pm. Summers and weekends I'm more of an a.m. blogger.
6. I don't think of songs that way. Most songs I only know the first line of, then all the lyrics are "la la na na blah blah. . . "
7. Doesn't matter. It's dark!

Hola! I'm playing hooky from choir this morning. I haven't really been "home" since Wednesday. I need a recoup period! Thursday we went to Mt. P the minute I got home so we could hear our boy's orchestra concert. We got home a midnight and I had homecoming Fri. It was a long, cold, wet day to say the least! BUT our team won 81-0 and my clarinet girl was crowned Queen. Yesterday we drove down to Muncie to see our tootsie. She is doing GREAT! Her classes are going great and she's making some super friends and she loves the campus. Today is a catch up day; laundry, cleaning and other fun stuff, like blogging!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hola! I just took a whirlwind tour of blogs as I try to rebuild my "favorites" list. What a pain! I haven't even begun with my e-mail list. Fortunately I have a lot of them on my list at school. Fortunately the computer showed signs of instability before the total meltdown, so we were able to move just about everything to another hard drive. I even reactivated my "Big Fish" games all by myself! More later with MM!